Thursday, 26 September 2013

Remarc - Menace

Remarc - Menace (White House Records, 1995)

The guitar from Betty Wright's 'Clean Up Woman' is also sampled in this West Coast hip-hop style jungle tune from Marc Forrester AKA Remarc. Although mainly known as a ragga jungle producer, hip-hop was also a major influence on his music, particulary later material such as 'In Da Hood' and 'Single Finga Killa'. 'Menace' also samples a couple of Los Angeles set movies, something he'd first done on 'Ricky', the tune that really made his name as a producer.

The track opens with the Wright sample along with G-Funk synth, police radio sounds and the Think break before gunshots and the "Wussup now partner" line from Menace II Society shatter the relative calm and bring in a tough bassline. Dialogue from the film is sampled frequently throughout the track and combined with vocals from Ice Cube's Death Certificate album. Just before the drop, Remarc uses Ice Cube's "The wrong nigga to fuck wit" from 'The Funeral' to answer the "The fuck you think you is" line from the movie along with more gunshots. The drop brings in hyper-edited Amens as you'd expect from Remarc along with another Ice Cube sample, this time from the track actually titled 'The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit': "Make a move for your gat and I'll bury ya". There is also a line from the movie White Men Can't Jump: "Nah, fuck this, both you muthafuckers are crazy. I'm going to my car, get my other gun. Shoot everybody's arse" which precedes the introduction of a big reversed bassline. While earlier Remarc tunes often featured vocals that spoke of killing a rival musically ('Sound Murderer', 'RIP'), here the violence is much more real and explicit. A South London recreation of South Central LA gang violence.

'Menace' was included on Planet Mu's Sound Murderer retrospective of Remarc's work which is available directly from the label. Check out the track in the Gangsta Jungle mix below by Chrissy Murderbot - the download as well as some back story and the full tracklist are available over at his Year of Mixtapes blog.

My Year of Mixtapes Week 51: Gangsta Jungle by Chrissy Murderbot on Mixcloud

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