Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Peter Parker - Hit Me

Peter Parker - Hit Me (Da Lick, 1998)

The Switch and Da Lick labels were established by Bizzy B and the Joker Records crew in 1997 and each put out twenty five releases or so over a three year period. Both labels released jump-up tunes that often featured hip-hop and r'n'b samples and there was little to distinguish the two imprints, with even the logos on earlier 12"s being in similar blocky 3D fonts. Bizzy B & Pugwash were probably responsible for the majority of the label's output along with other Joker artists such as Special K although I'm not sure exactly who was behind this track which was the A side of Da Lick Volume 7 - the super hero alias and title info above don't even appear on the record.

'Hit Me' opens with a sample of the beat from the Bad Boy Remix of MC Lyte's 'Cold Rock A Party' with its obvious use of 'Upside Down' by Diana Ross (Puff Daddy/whatever he's called these days not being known for his subtle use of sampling). This loops for some time with just some additional percussion being added before a big drum roll and James Brown's "Hit me!" vocal from 'Get On The Good Foot' bring in a typical Da Lick bassline with snare heavy drums. The problem with Da Lick/Switch releases was that they mostly all sounded the same with only the samples changing but this is one of the better examples that I'm aware of. Fun jump-up that's not to be taken too seriously.

For more info on Da Lick check out Jamie S23's article on the label for UK Bass Music and have a listen to his mix below featuring some of his favourites from their catalogue:

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