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Peshay - Vocal Tune

Peshay - Vocal Tune (Good Looking Records, 1995)

While the Amen is the most sampled of all breaks in drum and bass, the music of James Brown is the source of so many breaks that the cumulative influence is even greater - the Think, Hot Pants, Cold Sweat, Tighten Up and Funky Drummer breaks all come from his records. Today though I'm going to have a look at the Soul Pride break from the instrumental of the same name, originally released on King Records in 1969.

It's difficult to ascertain who the drummer on Brown's records was as they mostly weren't credited on the records and he often had two in his band at the same time. Personnel also changed over the years but from what I can gather the great Clyde "Funky Drummer" Stubblefield was the drummer on this one and it's a mighty fine break, going on for a good twenty five seconds meaning there's plenty for producers to pick apart. It's been used countless times in drum and bass but examples include J Majik's 'Your Sound', Dillinja's 'Brutal Bass' and this one from Peshay.

'Vocal Tune' opens with an extended beatless intro featuring jazzy keys and the powerful vocals of India from River Ocean's 'Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochùn)' (1994): "I'm singing to you, I wanna let, wanna let the world know that you represent..." (probably taken from the Junior Boys Own Super Dub where they appear acapella). River Ocean was Louis Vega of Masters At Work and India was his then wife. Strings are added to the mix before the Soul Pride break and 808 kick bass come in for a deep, soulful track with some stunning beat chopping from Peshay (or rather whoever was on the buttons for this one). Timeless stuff.

'Vocal Tune' appeared on the essential Logical Progression Volume 1 compilation. You can hear it towards the end of this LTJ Bukem set from Quest on the 4th June 1994:

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