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MA3 - Those DJ's

MA3 - Those DJ's (Formation Records, 1996)

Marlon Williams AKA Marley Marl is one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time with a back catalogue that includes productions for Eric B & Rakim, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane and Masta Ace. One of his very first productions though was 1983's 'Sucker D.J.'s (I Will Survive)' by Dimples D, a female rapper otherwise known as Crystal Smith. It was an answer song to RUN-DMC's 'Sucker M.C.'s (Krush Groove 1)' but wasn't a big seller. However in 1990 it was remixed by Ben Liebrand who sampled the theme tune to I Dream of Jeannie and turned it into a huge international hit.

The record is the source of the vocals on 'Those DJ's' which appeared on the third entry of DJ SS's MA series: "Those DJs that think you're the greatest, just stop, look and listen 'cause you haven't heard the latest". The intro features the Cold Sweat and Life Could breaks which get switched between the left and right stereo channels before the Dimples D vocal brings in a fat waddling bassline which only SS could have made. As the tune develops the Sesame Street break is also introduced before a second vocal sample from 'Sucker D.J.'s' ("See to be a DJ you've got to do your best, have your own kind of style, not like the rest") brings in the Amen for some tear out action. A worthy addition to the series - if you missed them check out my breakdowns of 'Hearing Is Believing' by MA2 and 'Step Into Our World' by MA4.

'Those DJ's' is included on the excellent United Dance: The Designer Collection mix CD by DJ Hype. DJ SS & Barcode remixed the track later the same year and you can hear that version in Serum's 1996-1998 mix below:

Serum 1996-1998 mix by Serum on Mixcloud

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