Monday, 30 September 2013

Lick Back Organisation - Maniak Musik (Remix)

Lick Back Organisation - Maniak Musik (The Lick Back Remix) (Suburban Base, 1994)

My Monday Retrospect column for DnB Blog this week looks at 'Godfather' by Rampage, a track that samples the theme music and dialogue from The Godfather Part III. This remix of Lick Back Organisation's 'Maniak Musik' features a brief sample of some dialogue from The Godfather Part II. Lick Back Organisation were the duo of Ashley Markin (AKA MC Special A) and Greg Samuel and they only had two releases, Maniak Musik / Ruff 'N Rugged and the subsequent remixes of those tracks from themselves and Kenny Ken, with additional production coming from D'Cruze. Their only other tune, Music Of The Future, appeared on the Subplates Volume 4 EP.

While the original mix is good I've always preferred the remix. It samples Grace Slick, the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane, introducing the band at Woodstock prior to performing 'Somebody To Love': "Alright friends you have seen the heavy groups, now you will see morning maniac music... believe me yeah... it's a new dawn". The vocal is slowed down with parts of it appearing throughout the ominous wind-swept intro before a pan pipe-like sound is introduced along with drums that use the Think break. A sample of the character Willie Cicci in The Godfather Part II saying "When the boss says push a button on a guy, I push a button" leads into the drop which brings in rapid fire 808 kick bass and the Soul Pride break. It's a haunting track with various sounds floating in and out of it and it's a shame the duo didn't release much else.

The remix features on Drum & Bass Selection 2 and you can hear it in DJ Hype's mixed version of that compilation which only appeared on the cassette edition below:

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