Sunday, 15 September 2013

DJ Crystl - Give It Up

DJ Crystl - Give It Up (Lucky Spin Recordings, 1994)

This track from DJ Crystl uses the same India vocal sample as Roni Size's 'Phizical'. It was the second entry in the STU series of mostly white label, one sided releases on Lucky Spin. Running from 1994 to 1996 the limited edition series also included 12"s from Orca (AKA Decoder), DJ Trace, Voyager and label owner Justin Cohen AKA Slipmaster J, although several are uncredited. A few of the tracks went on to appear on full Lucky Spin releases but most were exclusive and go for quite a bit on Discogs - at the time of writing the cheapest copy of 'Give It Up' is £27.

It's a typically deep ambient jungle track from Crystl. Opening with breathing sounds, spacey synths and the "Give it up" vocal from India's 'Dancing On The Fire', it's not long before your teased with some stop-start Amen. The treatment of the break is breathtaking, Crystl chopping and timestretching it so that it becomes a melodic as well as rhythmic part of the track. Once it's fully unleashed it's joined by a cavernous bassline and jazzy reversed keys while the celestial vibes continue throughout. A spellbinding tune.

'Give It Up' opens Law's All DJ Crystl Mix Part Two below. The track also appears in Noisemonkey's mix of tracks from the STU series which you can check out here.

All DJ Crystl Mix Part Two by The Law on Mixcloud

Discogs link

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