Friday, 6 September 2013

Da Intalex - What Ya Gonna Do

Da Intalex - What Ya Gonna Do (Flex Records, 1994)

Like Future Cut, Marcus Intalex and ST Files (AKA Marcus Kaye and Lee Davenport) both came up on the Manchester scene. Kaye, who actually grew up in Burnley, first came to people's attention as part of Da Intalex with Mark McKinley AKA Mark XTC. The pair both worked at Manchester's Eastern Bloc record store and ran the Intalex label while also presenting the Kiss/Galaxy 102 jungle/drum and bass show together from 1993 until 2000. Their first outing on wax was 'What Ya Gonna Do', released on L Double's Flex Records in early summer '94.

There are hints of Kaye's future productions in the way the record incorporates gorgeous melodic elements with a killer dancefloor instinct. The breathtaking intro features chimes and Detroit inspired synths alongside diva vocals from Mary J Blige's 'My Love', eventually bringing in the 'Sesame Street' break. Blige's "What ya gonna do" line leads into the drop which delivers deep hits of bass along with Think/Cold Sweat/Sesame Street drums for a hardstepping track that's also capable of giving you goosebumps. Simply awesome stuff.

You can find 'What Ya Gonna Do' in only slightly edited form on Breakdown Record's DJ Box Volume 1 compilation. The run out on the 12" includes a shout out to Randall so it's only appropriate to hear him close out his set with the track at the Amnesia House 'Big Bank Holiday Bash' from the 1st May 1994 with Bassman on the mic:

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  1. Kiss didn't even start in Manchester till October 1994. Marcus and XTC had a show on the pirate Soul Nation 104.6 during 1994. I genuinely can't remember when their Kiss 102 show began.

  2. R.I.P Marcus Kaye AKA: Marcus Intalex/Trevino