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Calibre - Fire & Water

Calibre - Fire & Water (Soul:R, 2001)

In 2001 Marcus Intalex & ST File started the Soul:R label to put out their own tracks and those of like-minded producers. One such producer is Dominick Martin AKA Calibre who has put out a number of releases on the imprint over the years as well as collaborating with M.I.S.T. as Mist:i:cal and with ST Files as St. Cal. His debut for the label was their second release 'Interphaze / Fire & Water' and once again I'm going to be taking a look at the AA Side.

While 'Interphaze' is a great track I think most people would agree that 'Fire & Water' is the pick of the two. It's a heavy track that opens with a steppa's break that sound like an interestingly chopped 'Sport'. Over this there is a hypnotic guitar loop and a difficult to make out reverbed vocal that is actually saying "Miss Wire Waist" and is from the track of the same name by Carl Malcolm. The dub influenced bassline on this one is just immense and combined with the little snatches of the Carl Malcolm tune the vibe of the track always reminds me of Digital, although Calibre stamps his own sound on it as well. A tune up there with his best.

Check 'Fire & Water' in this three hour set from Calibre with MC Fats from Budapest in 2004:

Calibre & MC Fats - A38 Budapest 2004.09.11. by Drum & Bass Classics on Mixcloud

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