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Bonafide - Super Bad (Zinc Remix)

Bonafide - Super Bad (Zinc Remix) (Frontline Records, 1996)

In the Drum and Bass world the music of James Brown has mainly been mined for the breakbeats, but his vocal exclamations and other instrumentation from his records have also been widely sampled. Bonafide were the trio of Frontline boss Pascal, Thomas Hardware and Dave Jennings AKA Dave Runin's (who I guess may have had something to do with the Runninz label). As the name suggests, the original mix of 'Super Bad' is based around samples from Brown's 'Super Bad' but the Zinc Remix on the flip is the one to go for and uses parts from numerous other Brown songs.

The remix opens with the "Can I count it off" from 'Get Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine' before bringing in the horn stabs from 'Super Bad' along with Brown's "One, Two, Three" from 'Make It Funky (Part 1)' and the "Hit me!" from 'Get On The Good Foot'. The track uses multiple breaks, switching between the Sandy, Soul Pride and Think breaks during the intro. Just before the drop the exchange between Bobby Byrd and Brown that opens 'Make It Funky (Part 1)' is sampled:

Byrd: "What you gonna play now?"
Brown: "I don't know, but whatever I play it's got to be funky"

The bassline is bright and bouncy and midway through the track is given a lift by the introduction of the Amen break. A few other James Brown samples appear during the track including the "Aaaaaooww" from 'Get Up Offa That Thing' and some guitar. Interestingly, Zinc uses different Brown samples to the original, which features the "One, Two, Three, Hit it" and "Watch me!" lines from 'Super Bad' as well as the Byrd/Brown exchange above. Excellent stuff from the Frontline crew.

The track was remixed in 2002 as 'Super2Bad'. You can hear the original version in TheBassFaceTape mix from Kid Lib:

Kid Lib - March09 - TheBassFaceTape (Studio Mix) FULL by Kidlib on Mixcloud

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