Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Bizzy B & Equinox - 7 Minutes Of Maddness

Bizzy B & Equinox - 7 Minutes of Maddness (Brain Records, 1993)

Bizzy B produced much of Peshay's early material and on this collaboration with Equinox he also samples 'Reach Out' by Sweet Mercy featuring Rowetta. Marlon Sterling AKA Equinox was apparently just sixteen years old when they produced '7 Minutes Of Maddness' which appeared on The Brain Crew EP and is probably referencing Coldcut's seminal remix of Eric B & Rakim's 'Paid In Full'. Equinox's nineties output was rather sporadic but in the last decade he has had a number of releases on labels such as Inperspective, Planet Mu, Bassbin and Subtle Audio, including the awesome 'Acid Rain' (a track he made in 1996) and its subsequent Breakage Remix/VIP.

'7 Minutes Of Maddness' is a tune that does exactly what it says on the tin. It's like a kid with ADHD constantly shifting from one sound to the next, all set to some furious Amen/Soul Pride choppage - one moment it's paranoid, the next euphoric. Most tracks sample 'Reach Out' for the vocals but this tune uses the opening ascending synth from the track underneath the voice from the also well sampled 'Dreamland' by Egotrip (at 2:19 in the video above): "A voice spoke to me from the darkness... this is your dreamworld" (see my post about Marcus Intalex & ST Files' 'Dreamworld' for more on this tune). A disorientating, schizophrenic track and one well ahead of its time.

It's included on Bizzy B's absolutely essential Retrospective compilation on Planet Mu which is available directly from the label here. Check out the track on Kenny Ken's National Groove Movement studio mix from December 1993 which you download over at

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