Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Total Science - Elementary

Total Science - Elementary (Timeless Recordings, 2001)

I thought I'd cover one more tune that samples Logic's 'The Warning' acapella before moving on as this one also uses the same "It takes the physical to create the physical" line. Timeless Recordings was started by Jeremy Winter AKA Brillo in 1992 and Total Science had a long standing relationship with the label going back to 1995 when they released Fever / The Essence under the Funky Technicians name.

'Elementary' is actually one of two tunes by Total Science from 2001 that feature the Logic acapella as 'Jet Set' on Advance//d used the "This is" part. It opens with hi-hat and sci-fi style synth before the beat comes in accompanied by radio tuning effects and a beeping melody. The bassline follows the pattern of the melody while the multi-layered drums prominently feature bongos with the Scorpio break appearing occasionally. There is also a high pitched squeal that pops up regularly throughout the track which at first I thought came from 'Put Your Love (In My Tender Care)' by The Fatback Band but is actually taken from Intelligent Hoodlum's 'Arrest The President' - they also used it on 'Out Of Touch'. Total Science keeping the quality control levels as high as ever.

You can hear 'Elementary' in Serum's Night In With The Vinyl Part 3 below:

Serum - Night in With The Vinyl part 3 by Serum on Mixcloud

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