Monday, 5 August 2013

Studio Pressure - The Physical

Studio Pressure - The Physical (Photek, 1994)

Like DJ Zinc's 'Physical' this track from Studio Pressure samples the acapella of 'The Warning' by Logic, taking the same "It takes the physical to create the physical" line from the much sampled house tune. Studio Pressure was of course Photek but this track also features uncredited production from Source Direct.

It opens with echoed percussion and deep hits of 808 kick bass before the vocal comes in, sped up from the source to sound like a natural human voice. Backspinning vinyl introduces some masterfully chopped Plastic Jam, a break that was a favourite of Photek back in 1994, which is then joined by some great slabs of reversed bass. Bleeps and strange sounds pervade the track while the breakdown brings in muffled wind swept atmospherics and a "what do you mean?" vocal, combining to create an uneasy vibe throughout. As good as you'd expect from a collaboration between Rupert, Jim and Phil.

You can hear 'The Physical' as well as the rest of the output of the fairly short-lived Photek label in this tribute mix from D'Zine:

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