Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sound Station - Sound Station

Sound Station - Sound Station (Suburban Base, 1995)

Today I thought I'd take a look at this track from Lee Smith AKA Ascend as this afternoon I stumbled across his profile on Twitter - follow him here. The man deserves much respect for his productions as part of the Back 2 Basics crew in the nineties with tunes such as 'Can't Hold Back', 'Smokin' Cans' (alongside The JB) and of course the massive 'Dred Bass' as Dead Dred with Warren Smith AKA Ultravibe. 'Sound Station' was a one-off release for Suburban Base and is a typically tearing track.

It starts with a plaintive synth that sounds like the signal of a distant space station before the Sesame Street break is quickly introduced alongside wordless female vocals. The sombre vibe is broken by a "This station rules the nation" vocal which is sampled from the beginning of 'Rule The Nation' by U Roy. The drop brings in Amen choppage, a bright, bouncy bassline and drums treated to extreme processing which zoom around the track to disorientating effect. There is also an "Oh we a go cross River Jordan" vocal from Barrington Levy's 'Crucifixion' while celestial synths during the mid-track breakdown bring a brief moment of calm. Excellent stuff.

'Sound Station' appeared on Breakdown's Drum & Bass Selection 5 and is also available digitally from Drum&BassArena and Juno Download. The track was a favourite of Kenny Ken and you can hear him drop it at the end of his set at Dreamscape 17 Vs 18 from 11/03/95:

~ Kenny Ken & Slipmatt @ Dreamscape 17 vs 18 ~ by Old Skool Ravers Unite! on Mixcloud

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