Friday, 9 August 2013

Sonic & Silver - On The Anson

Sonic & Silver - On The Anson (Metalheadz, 2002)

U-Roy, born Ewart Beckford in 1942, became one of Jamaica's biggest stars in the early seventies and is famed for his unique style of toasting. After DJing for a number of sound systems throughout the sixties he got his big break when he began working with producer Duke Reid in 1970. One of the first cuts they put out was 'Rule The Nation' which is recorded over The Techniques' 'Love Is Not A Gamble'. The track's "This station rules the nation (with version)" intro was sampled on yesterday's 'Sound Station' and also appears on this tune from Sonic & Silver.

Also known as Accidental Heroes, Dean Fletcher and Jasper Byrne proved themselves to be versatile producers in the early noughties with releases on Formation, Trouble On Vinyl, Reinforced and Infrared as well as running their own Science Fiction imprint, a sub-label of Timeless Recordings. Their lone outing for Metalheadz was headlined by 'On The Anson', a superb dubbed out tune absolutely caked in reverb. It features lively drums which I think contain a bit of Amen, dark and dank atmospherics and a heavy sub bassline, topped with a sinister synth melody and U-Roy's echoed "rule the nation" refrain. One of my personal favourites from the duo.

'On The Anson' appeared on Bailey's Soul Thunder mix which was released on Breakbeat Science in 2002. Check it out below:

Bailey - Soul Thunder by John_Omally on Mixcloud

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