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Ram Trilogy - Mindscan (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)

Ram Trilogy - Mindscan (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) (RAM Records, 1999)

After Origin Unknown's 'Lifecrisis' remix Ed Rush & Optical returned the favour with 'Mindscan', a remix of 'Mind Overload' from Ram Trilogy's Chapter Two 12" and 'Scanners' from Chapter One. It appeared on the limited edition sampler for the Molten Beats LP in 1999.

Unlike the other "mash-ups" I've covered recently it's hard to hear much of the source material in Ed Rush & Optical's remix, the most recognisable element being the electronic gurgles from 'Mind Overload' during the intro and breakdown. The "Scanning for lifeforms" vocal (originally from the film Event Horizon) in 'Scanners' appears heavily processed during the intro and there is also a very quiet "Mind overload" vocal during the breakdown but otherwise anything else they've used has been twisted out of shape so as to be unrecognisable (although I did notice a few piano notes from the beginning of 'Scanners' at 3:11). It's an incredible track though and works brilliantly both as an intro tune or in the mix. Percussion heavy from the start with rapid fire bongos it builds up perfectly to the introduction of the drums which use a kick/snare combination finished off with a little bit of Apache. A sick acidic bassline begins to take shape and is then fully unleashed at the drop, snaking around the bongos to cause maximum devastation.

This was actually Ed Rush & Optical's second attempt at remixing these tracks - check out the first here. It's more obviously a combination of the two with the bassline from 'Scanners' topped with the vocal and sound effects from 'Mind Overload'. I don't know why this one didn't get a release but it's a great shame, another one of those dubplates lost to history. Incidentally if anyone has Ed Rush & Optical's Breezeblock mix from 1999 please get in contact as I believe it includes this version.

'Mindscan' is available to download from the RAM Records store and most digital retailers. You can hear it in Andy C's mix for BBC Radio 1's Breezeblock show from November 1999:

Andy C - Breezeblock November 1999 by John_Omally on Mixcloud

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