Saturday, 24 August 2013

Potential Bad Boy - Brok Wild

Potential Bad Boy - Brok Wild (Ibiza Records, 1994)

After looking at DJ Gunshot's 'Wheel 'N' Deal' yesterday, here's another ragga jungle tune that samples Top Cat's 'Request The Style'. Paul Chambers AKA Paul Ibiza established Ibiza Records in the early nineties and also produced under various names as well as promoting events. The label was pivotal in the development of the jungle sound and was among the first to bring the reggae influence to the music.

Paul Ibiza co-produced 'Brok Wild' and like 'Wheel 'N' Deal' the tune opens with Top Cat's "Special request fi the gyal dem from north, south, east and west / For the body ah look good you know y'haffi God bless, Brockwild!" vocals, dub sirens and the "Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey"s from Capleton's 'Everybody'. Over the Hot Pants break a sweet soul sample from Barry White's 'September When I First Met You' comes in while Top Cat's "Request the Style" vocals are pitched down. A lively dancehall style bassline is then introduced along with the Soul Pride break before ambient synths and bleeps calm things down a bit with the Think break used as well. The track also features the vocals of Junior Dangerous, an MC who has worked with Potential Bad Boy a number of times over the years, most recently in 2011 on Lock Em Off / The Real. I love jungle tracks that combine soul and rare groove with ragga so this tune really does it for me.

'Brok Wild' features on Jungle Mania 2 (as 'Brockwild' and credited to Ibiza), although in edited form. You can hear it in DJ Raw's excellent 'Junglist For Life' mix below along with cuts from the likes of DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science, Dillinja and Desired State.

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