Monday, 26 August 2013

Max de Castro - Carnaval (DJ Patife Remix)

Max de Castro - Carnaval (DJ Patife Remix) (V Recordings, 2001)

Over the past few days I've been looking at jungle tunes featuring the vocal talents of Top Cat, tracks that are perfect for the hustle and bustle of the Notting Hill Carnival. My Monday Retrospect column for DnB Blog today completes the series with a look at DMS & The Boneman X's jungle classic 'Sweet Vibrations'. In contrast this DJ Patife remix from the landmark Brasil EP is ideal for winding down after a hectic day on the streets of West London.

The original, entitled 'Pra VocĂȘ Lembrar' ("For You To Remember" according to Google), is a piece of modern downtempo soul which appeared on Max de Castro's Samba Raro album for Trama, the label that co-released the Brasil EP. The lyrics are about trying to rekindle a carnival romance ("This brunette left me dreaming...") and the song has a nostalgic feel to it. Patife keeps things simple for his remix, taking the central piano melody and 'Summer Madness' recalling ARP synth as well as some of the vocals while substituting the R'n'B style beat for some straight forward two-step and adding a warm bassline and strings. It rolls along in a relaxed, lazy fashion until the five and a half minute mark when a more stomping beat is introduced to give the track a jolt of energy. A tune that brings back good a lot of good memories.

The Brasil EP also included DJ Marky's take on Max de Castro's 'Samba Raro' and you can check that out below for more summertime vibes:

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