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Jonny L - Piper (Grooverider Remix)

Jonny L - Piper (Grooverider Remix) (XL Recordings, 1997)

After mentioning Jonny L, real name John Lisners, in my post the other day about DJ Hype's 'Smack My Bitch Up' remix I thought it was about time I covered one of his tunes. Jonny L's association with The Prodigy actually goes back to 1993 when he was signed to the same label following his huge rave tune 'Hurt You So'. He then remixed their 'One Love' single and released tracks such as 'Ooh I Like It' and 'Transonic'. By the time Sawtooth, his debut album, came out in 1997 he'd switched to drum & bass and 'Piper' was one of that years anthems.

While much of his early drum & bass stuff is more in the Bukem/Fabio vein 'Piper' is a hard and dark two-step monster. The original mix is a great track but the Grooverider remix, while not significantly different, is the one to go for. The rigid beat, pulsating bassline and cold, emotionless vocal are kept in place but the atmosphere is even more alien and oppressive while dirty stabs of bass and a swirling flute-like sound reverberate throughout the track to menacing effect. An intense and brutal roller of a tune, with bonus points for being released on a 10".

The digital of the Grooverider remix is available to purchase from Drum&BassArena where you can also get hold of the Sawtooth LP. You can hear the original mix in Jonny L's Essential Mix from 1997:

Jonny L - Essential Mix 1997-05-04 by Drum & Bass Classics on Mixcloud

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