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Future Cut - 20/20 (Future Cut Remix)

Future Cut - 20/20 (Future Cut Remix) (Trouble On Vinyl, 2000)

Future Cut's Darren Lewis (AKA D-Cutz) and Iyiola Babalola (AKA 2D) met in 1998 when they were both DJs and promoters on the Manchester scene. They proved to be a great production team, initially for the Trouble On Vinyl stable before going on to release material on Metalheadz, Infrared, DSCI4 and C.I.A. as well as forming Un-Cut with singer Jenna G. Sadly they left the drum & bass scene several years ago and now provide production for pop stars such as Lily Allen and Olly Murs.

The original mix of '20/20' appeared on Trouble On Vinyl's Mission Control LP in 1999 but their remix on the following year's Here Comes Trouble Vol. 8 EP is the one to go for. Over a pulsating bassline and clean drums that make nice use of a cowbell they essentially turn the track into a mash-up of Ed Rush & Optical's 'Compound' and Usual Suspects' 'Killa Bees', combining a very similar synth riff to the former with a nasty stab of bass that instantly recalls the latter. While not the most original of tracks it's very effective and stayed in my bag for a couple of years after it was released.

Although the TOV catalogue isn't available digitally you can get the download of this one thanks to its appearance on Drum&BassArena's Anthology 2 compilation. It was a favourite of Brockie and it features in his set at United Dance's last event at Bagleys on the 14th June 2003 (it's at the end of part 3/beginning of part 4 if you want to skip straight to it). He also did an unreleased VIP of the track with Ed Solo which you can listen to here.

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