Thursday, 1 August 2013

E.P.S. & 2-Vibe - Hype The Funk

E.P.S. & 2-Vibe - Hype The Funk (Urban Takeover, 1997)

Another tune that samples Kool Keith from his Ultramagnetic days is this one on Mickey Finn and Aphrodite's Urban Takeover label. I don't know much about them but E.P.S. & 2-Vibe were a duo consisting of Mark Piper and Tim Austin who were from Basingstoke in Hampshire. They only released two 12"s, both on Urban Takeover, although Tim Austin also appears to have had a track released on IQ Records in 1994 entitled 'The Rising' which was the flipside of Badman's 'War For '94'.

'Hype The Funk' follows the jump-up formula of combining hip-hop samples with big basslines but does the job particularly well. It opens with a slightly sinister xylophone melody reminiscent of 'Tubular Bells' and a "Now remember" vocal before introducing the pitched up "Hype the Funk" hook which is taken from the beginning of Kool Keith's second verse on 'Poppa Large'. The vocal is cut-up in the lead up to the drop which brings in a wobble bassline punctuated by hip-hop style horn stabs over simple two-step drums. The breakdown features some west coast g-funk before the whole "back to funk, freak the funk, hype the funk, swipe the funk" phrase is looped a few times to really get the tune stuck in your head - even Fatboy Slim was playing this one.

A remix of the tune featured on Urban Takeover's G.L.O.B.A.L. Takeover compilation in 1999 but it's not a patch on the original which you can hear this in this '95-'97 jump-up mix from Pearsall entitled Urban Takedown. Further details and a full tracklist are available over at his Sonic Rampage site.

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