Monday, 12 August 2013

Ed Rush & Optical - Lifecrisis (Origin Unknown Remix)

Ed Rush & Optical - Lifecrisis (Origin Unknown Remix) (Virus Recordings, 1998)

Future Cut wasn't the first to combine two tunes to make a new one. This Origin Unknown remix fuses Ed Rush & Optical's 'Lifespan' and 'Crisis', the two tracks that made up the third release on Virus Recordings. It appeared on the sampler for the Wormhole LP in 1998 although I missed out on that due its limited nature. Fortunately it was re-released in early '99 on a 12" with the stunning Matrix remix of 'Medicine' on the other side, making it an essential purchase.

'Lifespan' is the primary basis for the remix, with that track's mournful violin and squelchy bass making up the first half. It also features the Worm break throughout although whereas in the original it's cut-up and processed, here it is more recognisable and utilizes the whole break with that great interplay between the cowbell and drums. As we get to the halfway point Origin Unknown bring in the splurges of distorted bass from 'Crisis' which introduce cushioned stabs as the track really takes off. It's a great remix as it takes elements from both tracks while adding something to them and in the process becomes a much more dancefloor friendly piece than either. Another entry in Origin Unknown's series of top class remixes.

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