Sunday, 4 August 2013

DJ Zinc - Physical

DJ Zinc - Physical (Parousia, 1996)

Another track that samples the Beastie Boys/Blues Project flute is this one from DJ Zinc. It appeared on The Ganja Kru's massive Super Sharp Shooter EP which was their debut release for the major label owned Parousia imprint. Parousia also put out material by Marc Mac (as Maximum Style), Kemet Crew and DJ Ron before folding in 1998.

It's much more obvious on 'Physical' that 'Flute Loop' rather than 'Flute Thing' is where the sample has been sourced from as the Beastie's vocals are much clearer than they are on Ayman's 'Time To Die'. The track also features a couple of vocal samples, the first being an "Owwww" from Wilson Pickett's 'Get Me Back On Time (Engine No. 9)' that appears frequently throughout. The second is the title-lending "It takes the physical to create the physical" from the heavily sampled house tune 'The Warning (Inner Mix)' by Logic which crops up just before the first and second drops. Around these samples Zinc crafts a dark-edged roller with a plunging bassline that has a submarine quality to it and drums that use the Hot Pants and Worm breaks. Quality stuff from Zinc as ever.

You can hear 'Physical' in Haste's Jump Up Mix Part 4: So Damn Fresh below. The full tracklist and a download are available over at his site.

Haste - Jump Up Mix Part 4 by Mrhaste on Mixcloud

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