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Digital - Waterhouse Dub

Digital - Waterhouse Dub (Function, 2000)

Timeless Recordings released Digital's first solo material back in 1995. Tracks such as 'Touch Me' and 'Spacefunk' were played by the likes the Doc Scott and Fabio which led to Goldie hearing them and signing Niagra / Down Under for Metalheadz. Digital maintained a pretty steady output on Timeless while also advising Brillo on which tracks to sign and in 1999 he began overseeing his own sub-label, Function, which primarily released his own productions alongside material from the likes of Q Project and Spirit. He has described it as a label where you could "do your own thing and get away with it", ignoring whatever else was going on in the scene at the time.

The imprint's third release featured the massive 'Waterhouse Dub', one of my personal favourites in the Digital catalogue. The track shows his hardcore and dub influences with a reverbed and layered synth part that resembles the sound of horns at a rave accompanied by a heavy sub bassline. The drums primarily use the Amen break, expertly chopped to give it a stop-start feel, along with some nicely edited Apache. A frantic, urgent tune that is guaranteed to make the place go off - also check the excellent A-Sides Remix that came out on the Quad 1 EP in 2001.

'Waterhouse Dub' was included on Spacefunk: The Archives 1995-2008 and is available from Drum&BassArena, Beatport and most other digital outlets. The track appears in Nolige's All Digital, Spirit & Total Science Mix (Part 3) which you can listen to below:

Nolige - All Digital, Spirit & Total Science Mix [Part 3] [01.09.12] by Noligeuk on Mixcloud

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