Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Danny Breaks - G's Up Ho's Down

Danny Breaks - G's Up Ho's Down (Droppin Science, 1993)

Writing about the unreleased version of 'Mindscan' yesterday reminded me of a recent discussion over at the RDB forums about the dubplate mix of Danny Breaks' 'G's Up Ho's Down'. The released version, otherwise known as Vol. 1 Side aa but commonly referred to by its run-out etching like the flipside, switched the Amen/Apache drums for a break from Pascal Gabriel's Dance Samples CD.

It's a sample-packed track, opening with some serene kalimba and flute from Earth, Wind & Fire's 'Africano' topped with the "Ah Haahh" vocal from A Guy Called Gerald's 'Voodoo Ray' and the familiar bird chirps found on dozens of rave tunes. The cymbal-heavy Pascal Gabriel break then comes in which is later joined by drops of aqueous synth. The euphoric breakdown brings in the synth pads from the beginning of Grace Jones' 'Slave To The Rhythm' along with the "I love you baby" vocal from Kym Mazelle's 'Useless' (also used on several other tunes including Anticappella's 2√231). Later the break gets chopped up more and there's a further flute sample from 'Africano'. Gorgeous stuff from the ever versatile Mr Breaks.

The Amen mix was played a lot by LTJ Bukem and does flow a bit better, hopefully it might see the light of day if Danny Breaks puts out material from his stock of unreleased DATs. You can hear Bukem play the dubplate version in his set at Quest, Wolverhampton on 25th September 1993:

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