Saturday, 17 August 2013

Blue Sonix - This Feeling (High Contrast Remix)

Blue Sonix - This Feeling (High Contrast Remix) (Phuturistic Bluez Recordings, 2002)

The Worm break is also suited to liquid funk productions thanks to its crisp snare and cowbell combination and this High Contrast remix of 'This Feeling' by Blue Sonix is a great example. The man behind Blue Sonix was Rikki Blue, a Buenos Aires, Argentina born producer who moved to the UK while very young. After being involved in the Lighter VIP Mix Blue Sonix debuted on DJ SS's New Identity label in 1997, putting out tunes such as 'Disco'. Releases on Creative Source, Defunked and Phuturistic Bluez followed and the original mix of 'This Feeling' in 2000 showed his background as a keyboard player with acoustic piano and rhodes licks.

High Contrast provided a huge remix of the track in 2002, the full title being the Ultramaximized Disco Dub Mix which should give you a fair idea of how it sounds. It opens with an autotuned "I love this feeling" vocal which is then looped to hypnotic effect while lush filtered horns swell around it and layered drums using the Worm break drive the track forward towards the introduction of a deep, throbbing bassline. Adorned with funky guitar licks and gorgeous strings, it's a smooth and expansive track that exemplifies High Contrast's sound.

It was included on a two disc retrospective of High Contrast's best singles and remixes entitled Confidential in 2009 which is available directly from Hospital here. The flipside of the 'This Feeling' remixes had a more laid back take from Influx Datum which you can check out below:

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  1. the original always did it for me more than this remix. good post tho!

  2. Thanks Paul. Not sure which mix I prefer but this is the one I have on 12" (plus it fitted in with the recent theme).

  3. i made the remix at 165bpm in the hopes of slowing things down a bit, but things only got faster! To be honest i did not know where the original break came from, despite being an original breaks man (lump me in with my bro A-Sides), but that particular steppers break was in a bunch of breaks samples that Twisted Individual gave to me sometime in early 2001. It had another killer break in it which i used for an unreleased track called 'your goodbye' which i may still have to draw on one day. I'm glad that Al Fougy took the remix with the slower tempo. We had offered him an early version of 'So Sweet' which actually had the 'Take My' vocals on it, but he passed it up. Which worked out great as i actually turned it into the much deeper version of Take My which went on the flip side of High Contrasts's 'Back for More' remix.
    Oh i was led here by the djss facebook post about hearing is believing.
    Well hope this is of some interest to somebody!
    Gavin Influx UK

    1. Hi Gavin, thanks for the comment - it's definitely of interest to me at least! 'So Sweet' and 'Take My' are both great tracks, would love to hear 'Your Goodbye'. I only recently picked up a copy of your Dayz of Glory/Meant Love 12" at the shop that used to be 5HQ - they've still got a bit of old Formation vinyl left over. Much respect!

      Matt DnB 365