Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ayman - Time To Die

Ayman - Time To Die (Juice Records, 1995)

Today's record shopping trip didn't yield any decent finds so I'm going to take a look at the other side of the Juice Records release I picked up last week. 'Time To Die' is co-produced by Semtex, who also featured on Ayman's other 12" for Juice, The Bomb / Liquorish.

It's a moodier cut than 'Get Ruff', opening with some otherworldly atmosphere before heavy sub bass enters. The track's title comes from its "Wake up, time to die!" Blade Runner sample, a classic line spoken by the replicant Leon Kowalski in this scene. The vocal brings in the drums which use the Life Could, Think and Sesame Street breaks while that deep bass keeps pummelling you. The track also has a nice little flute sample which originates from 'Flute Thing' by The Blues Project, a sixties psychedelic blue rock band from Greenwich Village, New York, but was actually sampled from Beastie Boys' 'Flute Loop' - you can hear some of their added vocals in the background. Another rough and rugged hardstepping tune from the Juice camp.

You can hear 'Time To Die' in DJextreme's 1995 Jungle Vol. 7 mix which you can download over at

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