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Roni Size & DJ Die - The Calling

Roni Size & DJ Die - The Calling (V Recordings, 1994)

The Art Of Noise were well known for their use of sampling but have also been sampled extensively themselves. The best example in the drum & bass world is 'The Calling' by Roni Size & DJ Die which appeared on the fifth V Recordings release, the flipside of 'It's A Jazz Thing' on a 12" that was entitled Size Of Things To Come.

The duo craft a haunting track around a sample from the beginning of Art Of Noise's 'Galleons Of Stone' which is in complete contrast to the other side of the 12". What sounds like a reverbed flute or panpipe is actually a recording of an Inter City 125 train's horn put through a sampler and played around with. Size and Die pair it with a cut-up female vocal over drums that use the Ruffy 1 and Think breaks. The Ruffy 1 break is played by pop drummer Dave Ruffy and appeared on Now That's What I Call Sampling, a sample CD given away for free in 1991. The mid-section of the track brings in some nice synths that give the track a bit of warmth before it comes to a percussive conclusion.

Goldie gave 'The Calling' a dark remix for the V Classic LP which is available digitally directly from the label. You can hear the original mix in Ratty's portion of this set with Nexus from Quest Presents M.A.S.H.E.D. on the 5th March 1994:

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