Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mask - Mad Professor

Mask - Mad Professor (Dope Dragon, 1998)

Roni Size's 'Mad Professor' is the tune that inspired Krust to make 'Warhead' but wasn't released until around six months later, arriving on the Combustion EP that preceded the Wayz Of The Dragon album. A pressing error meant that it actually appeared on the double 12" set twice, with Mask & Swabe's 'Blow Da Fuse' being the casualty. By way of apology Dope Dragon put out a second double 12" EP entitled Gridlocked for the price of single 12" with 'Blow Da Fuse' included.

While there are similarities between 'Warhead' and 'Mad Professor' the two tracks are really quite different. They both use the 'It's A New Day' break and feature droning intros but the latter takes a less minimal approach with lots of big build-ups and drops. It's closer in sound to the 'Dictation Remix' that it shares the EP with, both tracks having intros with an orchestral feel and similar square wave basslines that swoop and swirl around.

'Mad Professor' also uses the Hot Pants break and really bursts out sixty four bars after the initial drop when some explosive Amen comes in, while the second half switches things up with the introduction of deeper bass. Absolutely caned by most of the top DJs at the time, you can hear it below in this excellent set from Jumping Jack Frost at One Nation: The Valentine Experience Part 5 in 1998 with Stevie Hyper D, Moose, Skibadee and Det on the mic.

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  1. Thanks for posting about one of my all time favorite tunes. Love it in the mix.