Saturday, 20 July 2013

Jungle Warrior - No Surrender

Jungle Warrior - No Surrender (Strictly Underground, 1994)

Staying on a ragga jungle tip here's another tune that features Terror Fabulous' 'No Retreat, No Surrender' hook, although this one actually samples it from 'Surrender' - you can hear the beat M-Beat added underneath. Jungle Warrior appears to be another alias of Mark "Ruff" Ryder who is credited on the release although I'm not sure if anyone else was involved or not.

'No Surrender' opens with an insistent metallic rhythm and a child-like voice repeating "jungle" along with the much used "Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey" vocal from the beginning of Capleton's 'Everybody'. A reggae rhythm enters followed by Amen/Think drums before a deep throbbing bassline comes in accompanied by dub sirens. The introduction of the Terror Fabulous vocal leads into a nice half-speed section while the second half of the tune brings back the metallic rhythm from the beginning. Rough and rugged material.

An Exclusive VIP Mix of 'No Surrender' appeared on Strictly Hardcore's Jungle Soundclash Volume 1 compilation. The track features on this '94 Ragga Jungle mix from Eazyflow which accompanies an interesting piece over at DnB Blog on the ragga jungle sound with a focus on the fallout from M-Beat and General Levy's 'Incredible'.

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