Tuesday, 9 July 2013

John B - Salsa (Remix)

John B - Salsa (Remix) (Formation Records, 1999)

The original mix of 'Salsa' appeared on the Brazil 12", one of John B's two entries in Formation's Countries Series, the follow up to their Colours Series. While it's an okay track, the remix which appeared on the subsequent World of Drum & Bass LP improves on it dramatically with the addition of an incredibly fat bassline.

John B mixes up his cultures here as Salsa is a Cuban rather than Brazilian form of music and dance, but then it's not a particularly serious tune as the cartoonish vocal samples such as "I am the King of the Sombrero" demonstrate. A carnival atmosphere pervades the intro with Latin percussion, whistles, horn stabs and piano all featuring but it's the bassline that really makes it go off. The drums consist of a solid two-step stomp along with occasional use of the 'Do The Do' break while the Salsa elements appear regularly throughout. A fun tune, although it'd be better without the cheesy vocals.

If you don't fancy shelling out for the whole 8 piece vinyl boxset the track was reissued in 2001 on a 12" with 'Sight Beyond' on the other side. You can hear it on Rolldabeats Presents "A Decade In The Mix" (Part 4) which was put together by The Manipulator and is available to download here.

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