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Fernanda Porto - Sambassim (DJ Patife Remix)

Fernanda Porto - Sambassim (DJ Patife Remix) (V Recordings, 2001)

Although its origins are in the UK, Drum & Bass has spread across the world. One of the best examples of this is the Brazilian scene where it is infused with Latin American influences in a style known as Sambass or Drum 'n' Bossa. This exciting sound came to the attention of Bryan Gee and Jumping Jack Frost in the late nineties and they were inspired to put out the Brasil EP on V Recordings in 2001 with tracks and remixes from some of the scene's leading exponents.

Patife's take on Fernanda Porto's 'Sambassim' opens with Brazilian style percussion and whistles before introducing acoustic guitar and Porto's Portuguese vocals which are roughly translated below, taken from this thread on DOA:

I started a samba like this
with no pandeiro (a percussion instrument) or tamborine
Like someone who doesn't know anything about samba,
But have always heard a bamba (?)

I've never been to a samba "circle" (A get together)
Those partido alto ones that take the whole balcony
But my samba has repique and percussion
Samples, reco-reco e agogo (three other percussion instruments)

This samba is my groove's turn (It doesn't sound right cause it comes from slang)
With guitar and Drum and Bass
Just to listen how it sounds:
Electronic and CuĂ­ca (It's the high instrument played right after this part)

Samba like this and like that speeded up
Is it Samba? Yes,
Samba like this and like that speeded up is Sambassim!

It's a beautiful tune which Patife beefs up with some deep sub bass and what sounds like a Hot Pants based break for a summery track to move the dancefloor. Both DJ Marky and DJ Die have remixed the track but neither version has been released although Marky's VIP was included on his superb The Brazilian Job mix CD. You can hear DJ Die's remix at around 93 minutes into this Marky and Patife live set from Budapest in 2002 with Stamina MC on the mic. A download of the mix is available here.

DJ Marky, Patife & Stamina MC - Live @ Jungle Jazz Weekend Budapest 2002 08 24 by Drum & Bass Classics on Mixcloud

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