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DJ Red - Enta Da Dragon

DJ Red - Enta Da Dragon (Trouble On Vinyl, 1997)

Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of the passing of Bruce Lee who died at the age of just 32 after having an allergic reaction to a painkiller. Although he only made a handful of films during his adult life he is considered the greatest martial arts star of the twentieth century. His biggest film was Enter The Dragon, released only a few weeks after he died, and the movie has been sampled on several drum & bass tracks including this one from DJ Red AKA Mark O'Neill.

'Enta Da Dragon' is a classic dark edged jump-up tune and is probably the track DJ Red is best known for. Dialogue from the movie appears throughout, starting with snippets such as "Don't waste yourself" during the intro before a longer segment appears just before the drop:

Parsons: What's your style?
Lee: My style? You can call it the art of fighting without fighting.
Parsons: The art of fighting without fighting? Show me some of it.

You can watch the scene this dialogue comes from here. The drop brings in an immense distorted bassline which alternates with some meaty sub bass over a simple streamlined beat. The track then shifts through a few different basslines with some acidic stabs coming in after the breakdown ("Now you know the truth. When you get to the city, pay your respects..."). It's that initial bassline that is the most memorable though and DJ Red uses an updated version of it more frequently on the even better Tekken 3 Mix which came out the following year. The remix adds more dialogue as well with the following segment appearing just before the drop:

"You fought well yesterday. Your style is unorthodox, but effective. It is not the art but the combat that you enjoy. It is defeat that you must learn to prepare for"

It also uses dialogue from Shaolin Temple ("Shaolin Kung-Fu to survive must now be taught to more young men...) although DJ Red may have sourced it from Wu-Tang Clan's 'Wu-Revolution', the intro to their Wu-Tang Forever LP which was released in 1997.

The digital of the original mix is available from Drum&BassArena who included it on their Anthology 2 compilation. You should also check out this remix of 'Enta Da Dragon' by Jamie of Section 23 which is available to download for free:

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