Thursday, 11 July 2013

Calibre - Feeder

Calibre - Feeder (Creative Source, 2001)

The debut album by Calibre AKA Dominick Martin was entitled Musique Concrete after the experimental technique developed in the 1940s by Pierre Schaeffer which used recorded sounds to create a piece of music. It's an appropriate title as Calibre is renowned for using samples to make his elegant, stripped-back form of drum & bass.

'Feeder' only appeared on the CD edition of Musique Concrete but fortunately for us vinyl lovers was issued on a 12" along with 'Our Love Part 1'. It takes a small portion from a live performance of 'Summer Madness' by Kool & The Gang that was released on their Love & Understanding LP as its foundation, manipulating the "Summer Madness" vocal along with a loop of the Fender Rhodes for an understated but groovy tune that also uses the 'It's A New Day' break. Gorgeous liquid funk for a hot summer's day.

You can purchase the digital of 'Feeder' as part of the Musique Concrete album from most digital outlets including Drum&BassArena, Beatport and Juno

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