Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bizzy B & Peshay - Merder Style

Bizzy B & Peshay - Merder Style (Brain Records, 1993)

While Paul Pesce AKA Peshay is better known for ambient drum'n'bass and his later jazz and disco inflected material some of his earliest productions were proper darkcore jungle. 'Merder Style' was co-produced by Bizzy B and appeared on the 2 Dope EP on Bizzy's Brain Records imprint back in 1993.

It opens in deceptive fashion with spine tingling pads, a repeated "get together" vocal and a four to the floor beat before "Merder Style" and "Get Raw" vocals, the latter coming from Big Daddy Kane's 'Raw', bring in some frantic Amen-based drums. This break is taken from a track called Chucks Beats on a 1989 beat loops album by The Sample Kings and uses the Amen alongside the break from Isaac Hayes' 'Breakthrough'. Things really get going though when a sample of Darth Vader saying "the power of the darkside" over sinister strings introduces some warped mentasm stabs. The track doesn't sit still for a second as it cycles through a few distinct sections which include the use of timestretched drums and a short loop of descending strings before coming to an abrupt stop. Absolutely essential '93 darkcore.

'Merder Style' was included on Planet Mu's Bizzy B retrospective which is available directly from the label. Bizzy B also gave the track a mental 2004 rerub alongside Equinox on the Science EP Vol. IV which is available here. You can hear the original mix in LTJ Bukem's Yaman Studio Mix 9 below - the rest of the tracklist and a download is available over at Hardscore.

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