Thursday, 18 July 2013

Berty B & Dillinja - Lion Heart

Berty B & Dillinja - Lion Heart (Lionheart, 1994)

Writing about a Lemon D track yesterday reminded me it has been a while since I covered anything from his Valve partner, the almighty Dillinja. This 1994 collaboration with Berty B sees him in full on jungle mode with a dub heavy Amen track. Berty B disappeared not long after this release, only to briefly reappear in 2001 with the Dillinja-esque The Debut EP on Valve.

It opens with a "Ready, get set, music" female vocal before launching into a sample of the beat from 'Watch How The People Dancing' by Kenny Knots and vocals including "Look yout man" from Barrington Levy's 'Look Youthman'. The drop then a heavy bassline inspired by 'Watch How The People Dancing' accompanied by some rough Amen action. The mid-track breakdown features some chilled synths with a "Mama mama mama" vocal from the beginning of Dr. Alimantado's 'Mama Dub' before the second drop brings in a reversed bassline and increased Amen choppage. Classic jungle to blast on a hot summer's day.

'Lion Heart' appeared on Breakdown's Drum & Bass Selection 3. You can also hear it midway through this Cool Hand Flex set at AWOL in 1994 with GQ on the mic:

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