Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ayman - Get Ruff

Ayman - Get Ruff (Juice Records, 1995)

I picked this one up today during a local charity shop expedition and I'm rather pleased with the find. I've no idea who Ayman is but they had two 12"s on Juice in 1995/1996 of which this was the first. Juice Records was the label run by Daz Ellis (Undercover Agent), Darren Hickey (Fellowship) and his brother Jeff and they were known for putting out hardstepping tunes such as this one.

'Get Ruff' opens with some hazy jazz samples of horns, keys and guitar over Soul Pride/Think drums before a vocal from MC Navigator proclaiming "Get Ruufffff" brings in an immense, pulsating sub bassline to devastating effect while the Cold Sweat break is also added to the mix. The jazz samples keep on cropping up throughout the track making for a nice contrast to the heavy bassline. You can hear it below in this superb two hour mix from DJ Vetoe of jump-up drum'n'bass with the odd bit of instrumental hip-hop:

DJ VETOE - HEAVYSTEPPIN' -07-06-12 - 94-97 - Jump Up / inst. Hip Hop by Michael Andrew Steinberg on Mixcloud

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