Friday, 26 July 2013

Authorised Riddim - Split Personality

Authorised Riddim - Split Personality (Certificate 18, 1994)

Authorised Riddim was a one-off collaboration between Danny Curtis (AKA Dannyh C) and Steve Carr (AKA Digital). The pair had met back in 1991 and this was one of the earliest releases either of them was involved in. Danny C went on to form a duo with Mike Pears who I covered earlier this week in their Primary Motive guise for Creative Source but they recorded first for Certificate 18 under the similar Motive One name.

Certificate 18 were Ipswich based which is where Digital also hails from so its only natural that the two crossed paths. The label was formed by Paul Arnold in 1992 and also released early material by Photek and Source Direct. This quote from Arnold sums up the label's early sound: "I'd been listening to Electronically led, Techno style music - artists like Carl Craig - and when the Breakbeat was fused with those warm sounds I was in my element". 'Split Personality' fits right in with this ethos, opening with Detroit-inspired synths before bringing in deep hits of bass accompanied by the Amen break for an immersive and satisfying ride that also recalls LTJ Bukem's productions of the time.

'Split Personality' appeared on the second disc of Donovan 'Badboy' Smith's Essential Old Skool Hardcore mix CD from 1998 and you can listen to that below:

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