Friday, 5 July 2013

Asend - Can't Hold Back

Asend - Can't Hold Back (Second Movement, 1994)

Second Movement was a sub-label of Back 2 Basics and Asend's 'Can't Hold Back' was the imprint's first release. It takes its title from a sample of Big Daddy Kane on 'Set It Off' which is repeated during the track's mid-section. However the more prominent vocal in the track comes from the Smith & Mighty produced 'Do You Dream' by Carlton, a soulful Bristol singer who also worked with Massive Attack and Bomb The Bass:

Maybe we could leave the crowd
Bodies talk, without sound

The track mixes hard and soft elements, beginning with a beatless intro with gorgeous synths and Carlton's vocals before bringing in a booming bassline and a superb cut-up of the Funky Mule break. There's also a repeated "I need someone" vocal that I can't find the source of. An excellent hardstepping tune from Lee Smith which you can hear in Mickey Finn's set at Club Pure X on the 5th August 1994 courtesy of Deep Inside The Oldskool. You can also check out the Back 2 Basics Re-Touch of the track below:

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