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Art Of Noise - Something Always Happens (Doc Scott Remix)

Art Of Noise - Something Always Happens (Doc Scott Remix) (Indochina, 1996)

So far my coverage of Doc Scott has been limited to his darker tracks such as 'Shadow Boxing' but he's a versatile producer who is equally capable of making mellow, ambient drum'n'bass and this remix of 'Something Always Happens' is an excellent example. Formed in 1983, Art Of Noise were an experimental electronic pop group who made innovative use of sampling in their music. The original of 'Something Always Happens' was the b side of the top 10 hit 'Peter Gunn' and was created following the Challenger disaster in January 1986 as band member J. J. Jeczalik revealed to Melody Maker:

"On the B-side of the 7-inch we were just kicking ideas around and we heard that the Space Shuttle had blown up and it became a very sad, laconic piece. That was chance, the intervention of fate, it wasn’t meant to be like that, but we were very happy with it in the end because it summed up what we felt at the time"

Doc Scott extends the short two and a half minute piece into seven plus minutes of gorgeous, melancholy drum'n'bass. The remix opens with a two-step beat before introducing the lush pads and snippet of guitar from the second half of the track along with the child saying "the art of noise" from the first half. Over this a twinkling melody and warm bass come in and the track just rolls serenely to its conclusion. Blissful drum'n'bass for lazy Sunday afternoons.

The track appeared on an Art Of Noise drum'n'bass remix album that also included updates from J. Majik, Dom & Roland and Lemon D amongst others but it's worth seeking out the promo 12" of 'Something Always Happens' to get it over an entire side of vinyl. It led off Fabio's Kiss 100 show on 28th February 1997 which you can download in two parts here and here (via

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