Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Aphrodite - Rinsing Quince

Aphrodite - Rinsing Quince (Aphrodite Recordings, 1998)

Gavin King has a few tracks in his catalogue to soundtrack the summer including this one from '98 which was the b-side of 'Listen To The Rhythm (Remix)'. The title of the track is a clue to the origin of its organ riff which comes from Quincy Jones' 'Summer In The City'.

This cool seventies jazz funk tune has has been sampled a number of times over the years, most notably by The Pharcyde on 'Passin' Me By' and Nightmares On Wax on 'Nights Interlude', and the organ/bass combination gives the track a lazy summer vibe. A big drum roll then brings in two-step drums and an electro style bassline to raise the energy levels, with the Hot Pants break also appearing at points. A remixed version of the track appeared on his Aphrodite LP, adding a bell-like sound that recalls Jay Dee's 'Plastic Dreams' and rejigging the bassline a bit.

The original version appears on Aphrodite's The Takeover Bid mix which was released as part of the Mixmag Live series in 1998 and is full of jump-up goodness:

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