Thursday, 6 June 2013

Studio Pressure - Fusion

Studio Pressure - Fusion (Photek, 1995)

Yesterday's 2 Bad Mice tune features one of my favourite breaks, the 'Humpty Dump', taken from a track of the same name by The Vibrettes. It's an incredibly funky track, coming out of the Johnny Otis stable, and the break has this incredible booming quality to it that I really love. It forms the backbone to this stunning track from Rupert Parkes under his Studio Pressure alias, the flipside of the equally great 'The Water Margin' on his own Photek imprint.

The track opens with the break alongside snippets of sensual female vocals before introducing a warm bassline and dusty Fender Rhodes loop, an instrument integral to the jazz fusion movement of the late sixties and seventies that lends the track its name. Some more skittish drums are brought in alongside the 'Humpty Dump' break while the yearning vocals continue as blissful chords envelop the track. Incredibly well produced and forward thinking, it still sounds fresh today so it's not hard to see why this was such an anthem at Fabio & Bukem's Speed nights in the mid-nineties.

Check it out below in A Guy Called Gerald's Essential Mix from October 1995:

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