Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pure - Anything Test

Pure - Anything Test (Suburban Base, 1995)

Like yesterday's track, 'Anything Test' was released on Suburban Base and appeared on Drum & Bass Selection 5 (in exclusive mix form). Pure was a one-off name used by Swift & Zinc for this 12", which was among the final releases from the duo. It's an excellent jungle track which combines a rude boy vocal with a rare groove sample and sci-fi style sound effects, a mixture of elements which demonstrates the diversity of the influences that jungle embraced, helping make it such a unique style of music.

The bleeps that open the track are taken from 'Magic Bird Song' by Glynis Jones which appeared on Out Of This World, an album of sound effects from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Over this Swift & Zinc sample dancehall star Ninjaman's "Anything test dead... Come!" vocal from a sound clash, possibly this one versus Super Cat at Sting '91 (incidentally the "Anything test dead" phrase also appears in 'Limb By Limb'). This leads to a sweet soul loop from 'Pick Up The Pieces' by Joanna Gardner over the Think break before the drop brings in a heavy bassline alongside timestretched Amen, while the various samples come in and out of the track. A gem of a tune.

The exclusive mix on Drum & Bass Selection 5 doesn't stray too far from the original, extending the intro and separating out the "Anything test dead" vocal while rearranging the bassline and giving the Amen more of a stop/start feel. Check it out below:

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