Saturday, 15 June 2013

Kemal - Bleed

Kemal - Bleed (Negative Recordings, 2000)

Ed Rush, Optical and company were a huge influence on a new breed of producers such as Kemal & Rob Data AKA Konflict. As Kemal said to Knowledge Magazine around the time 'Bleed' was released: "We prefer the hard, techno-influenced drum & bass". This was the AA side of the first release on their own Negative Recordings, a sadly short-lived label that nevertheless had a large impact on the scene with other big tunes including 'The Mummy' and 'Gene Sequence'.

'Bleed' is a solo production from Kemal and it's an incredibly grimey tune, fairly minimalist and subtle compared to their more epic tunes such as 'Messiah' but no less worthwhile. Cold atmospherics and bleeps open the track before a pounding beat and a growling acidic bassline enter to devastating effect. I love how the beat has these nice little change ups every so often such as the brief reversed segments while the occasional cackles of demonic laughter heighten the track's sinister edge. Techy perfection that will now set you back a fair amount for a second hand copy.

Hear it in this mix from Mikey Payload done in tribute to Eric Landry of the Place To Be website.

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