Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dom & Roland - Killa Bullet

Dom & Roland - Killa Bullet (Moving Shadow, 1999)

Dom Angas often went uncredited for his engineering work on tracks for No U-Turn artists such as Ed Rush and Trace but gained the recognition he deserved with his solo work as Dom & Roland. One aspect that always makes his tunes stand out are the atmospheric intros which have a cinematic quality to them and 'Killa Bullet' is no exception.

The track opens with dissonant layers of strings which build the tension before a precise, thumping beat comes in. Splurges of distorted bass join the action and later the strings give way to a metallic drone and industrial noises. Everything but the bass drops out following a "The bullet should've killed him" vocal which leads to the introduction of the track's central feature - a seven note descending bassline which is rather reminiscent of DJ Krust's 'Warhead', a similarity that extends to the track's name. My favourite part of the tune comes sixteen bars after the beat comes back in when the harsh stabs of bass are joined by a fatter, rounder bassline following the same pattern which then takes over. A dark tune that can lead to some serious neck damage.

You can buy the digital of 'Killa Bullet' from Beatport. Check it out below in this mix from Timecode AKA Rob Playford which appeared on the 99.1 compilation, one of a number of budget priced samplers put out by Moving Shadow from 1998 to 2005.

Moving Shadow 99.1 Mix CD by Dunx on Mixcloud

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