Saturday, 29 June 2013

DJ Hype feat. MC GQ - Roll The Beats

DJ Hype feat. MC GQ - Roll The Beats (Inject The Bass Mix) (Suburban Base, 1994)

If you listened to the DJ Hype and MC GQ set at AWOL from October 1993 featured in yesterday's post you will probably have recognised GQ's exclamations of "Wheel and come again please please please" and "Absolutely T for Tremendous" right at the beginning of the clip. Hype sampled these lines along with the "Rrrrroll the Beats" phrase from earlier in the set (which you can listen to here) on 'Roll The Beats', one of his signature tracks and an all time jungle classic.

It starts off with sci-fi style synths before introducing those distinctive bleeps which sound like a vintage long wave radio being tuned alongside GQ's vocals and the Think break. The "Rrrroll the Beats" line brings in a rattling break sampled from 'Funky Music Is The Thing (Part 2)' by The Dynamic Corvettes which is quickly joined by an immense speaker shaking bassline. Live crowd noise permeates the track while vocals sampled from 'Mabrak' by The Abyssinians precede the mid-track breakdown which uses the 'Throw Me Corn' riddim which originated with the Larry Marshall track of the same name. Exciting, visceral and powerful, this is everything jungle is about.

The digital of 'Roll The Beats' is available to buy from Drum&BassArena and Juno Download.

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