Monday, 17 June 2013

DJ Crystl - King Of The Beats

DJ Crystl - King Of The Beats (Moving Shadow, 1994)

Trace & Nico's 'Amtrak' wasn't the first track to employ the "get to the future" vocal sample as it was used by the legendary DJ Crystl two years earlier on 'King Of The Beats'. This one was released on Moving Shadow's Two On One series but Crystl's usual home was the Lucky Spin / Dee Jay Recordings group of labels who also released much of Trace's early output. I'm speculating but it's possible that the sample was sourced by Pete Parsons (AKA Voyager) who provided technical assistance to both producers (incidentally if you know where the sample is from please get in contact).

'King Of The Beats' is an apt title for a Crystl track as he was a master of the Amen break. It also references the Amen filled Mantronix track of the same name which is appropriate considering Crystl's background in hip-hop (he went by the name DJ Pump Action while in British collective The Brotherhood). It opens with darkside synths, stabs of 808 kick bass and an echoed vocal that sounds like it's saying "Beat" as well as the exact same "Here is a group trying to accomplish one thing, that is to get to the future" line, complete with manic laughter, as 'Amtrak'. The track has a pristinely edited Amen break punctuated by a thunderous cascading effect while Crystl recreates the sound of an actual jungle with bird call-like sounds. Not his best known tune but a strong track nevertheless.

You can purchase the digital of 'King Of The Beats' from Beatport and iTunes. Check it out below in Law's second All DJ Crystl mix (part one is here):

All DJ Crystl Mix Part Two by The Law on Mixcloud

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