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D'Cruze - Watch Out

D'Cruze - Watch Out (Suburban Base, 1994)

Capleton's 'Wings Of The Morning' (see yesterday's post about 'Fever') appeared on his Prophecy LP which was released by Def Jam, an indication of his growing international stature in the mid-nineties. Born Clifton George Bailey III, he first came to prominence in the late eighties with dancehall hits such as 'Bumbo Red' and 'No Lotion Man'. Initially a rude boy, his conversion to the Rastafari movement saw his music become more culturally conscious and helped him gain widespread appeal. However he has faced much criticism for his abhorrent lyrics regarding homosexuality and although he signed the Reggae Compassionate Act in 2007 he has continued to perform songs which advocate violence towards homosexuals.

His music has been heavily sampled by jungle artists on tunes such as 'Worries In The Dance' and 'Maximum Style'. Today though I'm going to take a look at D'Cruze's 'Watch Out' which opens with a sample from 'Dem No Like Me', an early Capleton track that appeared on the Gold compilation: "Dem no like me an me no like dem / Dem ah me enemy, me ah dem no friend". This 12" followed D'Cruze's 'Bass Go Boom' and 'The Dark Stranger' (as Boogie Times Tribe with Dan Donnelly) and saw him continue the transition from hardcore to jungle with a darkcore style track that features haunting synths, bell chimes and layered drums using the Think break. Later in '94 it received remixes from DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith and D'Cruze himself.

You can purchase the digital of the remixes from Drum&BassArena and Juno Download. The original mix is available on Drum & Bass Selection 1. Check it out in this October 1993 AWOL set from DJ Hype with MC GQ on the mic:

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