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D'Cruze - Bass Go Boom

D'Cruze - Bass Go Boom (Suburban Base, 1993)

As a teenager, Jay D'Cruze was a regular in Romford's Boogie Times record store which led to releases on shop owner Dan Donnelly's Boogie Times and Suburban Base labels. He also recorded as Boogie Times Tribe alongside Donnelly, responsible for the classic 'The Dark Stranger'. 'Bass Go Boom' was his fifth release and saw him move towards the emerging sound of jungle on a track that has a heavy reggae influence.

It takes its title from the vocals of MC Tony AKA Tony Whitmore, who did live PAs with D'Cruze: "Listen to the bass in the place go boom... Jump to the beat, jump to the beat now". There are also two vocal samples, the most prominent of which is from Eek-A-Mouse's 'Peeni Walli', with D'Cruze dropping a loop of a whole portion of the track including its bassline, guitar and percussion:

"Riding on my bicycle
Got knocked down by a motorcycle
In front of a motor vehicle
Luckily, I was Jah Jah disciple"

The Jamaican reggae star has established an international audience after releasing several albums over a thirty year period on labels such as Greensleeves and RAS. He was one of the first performers of the singjaying style, a combination of singing and toasting, and is probably best known for 'Wa-Do-Dem'. However he is currently awaiting trial in the United States on rape and narcotics charges that date back to 2008, having fled the country after his initial arrest. It is therefore somewhat prescient of D'Cruze that the other vocal sample on 'Bass Go Boom' is from 'On The Run' by Jungle Brothers: "Stop, Hold It, Freeze (Jump)". The reggae style bassline is as booming as the title suggests, while the track also features ravey synth stabs and breakbeats that are treated to plenty of timestretching, with several half-speed sections. Excellent stuff.

You can purchase the digital of 'Bass Go Boom' at Drum&BassArena and Juno Download. You can hear it in this set from Slipmatt at Quest from May 29th 1993, almost exactly twenty years ago:

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