Saturday, 1 June 2013

Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb (DJ SS Mix)

Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb (DJ SS Mix) (Suburban Base, 1995)

After Marvellous Cain sampled 'Limb By Limb' for his huge 'Hitman' track he got into a bit of legal trouble with Cutty Ranks, which he settled by doing a couple of remixes for the Jamaican star. 'Limb By Limb' also got an official jungle remix from DJ SS, co-released by Suburban Base and Jungle Fashion, a sublabel of the the established reggae imprint Fashion Records.

DJ SS normally stayed away from full-on ragga jungle but he goes all out on this remix which pushes the levels into the red. It opens with a cut-up Think break before Cutty's "All me have fi do is send for the new gun. Anything test dead!" line brings in a massive distorted bassline with a heavy Amen/Think combination and the "Limb by Limb" vocals. Many people in the UK and Ireland know the track thanks to its appearance in an episode of the superb sitcomFather Ted in which a new priest arrives to replace Father Jack who has been sent to an old priest's home. Unfortunately for Ted and Dougal, Father Fintan Stack has a taste for jungle, blasting 'Limb By Limb' from his ghettoblaster through the night, leading to this classic exchange:

Dougal: "God, Ted. I've never met anyone like him anywhere... who would he be like - Hitler or one of those mad fellas."
Ted: "Oh, worse than Hitler. You wouldn't find Hitler playing jungle music at 3 o'clock in the morning."

You can purchase the digital of 'Limb By Limb' over at Drum&BassArena and Beatport. It is also available on Drum & Bass Selection 5. You can watch the New Jack City episode of Father Ted below and if you are in the UK you can also find it on 4oD.

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