Wednesday, 5 June 2013

2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down

2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down (Moving Shadow, 1992)

Jungle Brothers made extensive use of samples in their music and in turn they have been heavily sampled themselves. Yesterday's track, 'Bass Go Boom', only features a small snippet of their vocals but 2 Bad Mice's 'Hold It Down' uses a much larger chunk, taken from one of their biggest tracks: 'I'll House You'. This was the first well known Hip House tune and essentially saw the JBs adding their vocals to 'Can You Party' by Royal House AKA Todd Terry:

"Feel the energy rush up to your face
Round and round and round and round and round and...
Feel the house music steady steady pounding"

'Hold It Down' also uses chipmunked vocals and horn stabs from 'I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love' by Chicago soul group The Emotions: "Come on and say that you will / I'll be there to fulfil / I don't wanna lose your love...". What really makes the track tick though are the drums. They are made up of several parts, starting off with some Think and Humpty Dump before adding a couple of second generation breakbeats based on the Hot Pants and Funky Drummer breaks. These have been unearthed by the break diggers over at Rolldabeats - check these three threads for more details. The kinetic synth riff over the top of all this is just the icing on the cake. A fun and addictive track that I picked up on vinyl courtesy of the Moving Shadow 10th Anniversary series.

You can purchase the digital of 'Hold It Down' over at Beatport and Drum&BassArena. It appeared on the same EP as 'Bombscare' which I looked at the other week. The '94 remix of 'Bombscare' (only released in the US) was basically a mash-up of the tracks from that EP and includes the vocal samples from 'Hold It Down' - check it out here.

2 Bad Mice will soon be appearing at the Gottwood Festival which takes place from the 20th to the 23rd of June in Anglesey, Wales. They recently put together a radio show style mix for the 50th edition of the Gottwood Presents podcast which you can listen to below:

Gottwood Presents 050 - 2 Bad Mice by Gottwood Festival on Mixcloud

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